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Sophie Busbee

Doula, Birthkeeper, Peer Lactation Counselor

I believe in physiological birth. Your body was designed to successfully grown & bring your baby earth side. I provide resources & knowledge to expectant women seeking a natural birth. 

I often work with expectant families who desire

-Unmedicated/Natural hospital births

-Midwife Assisted home births

-Unassisted births/Freebirths

-Unassisted & Assisted home VBAC

-Unmedicated/Natural hospital VBAC

-Expectant mothers/families recovering from previous birth trauma seeking a healing & redemptive birth

I take clients on from time of conception, even up until term sometimes! 


Click below to take a look into my training, and the loving community I feel so lucky to call my family!


Meet Sophie

Why I’m a Doula & Birthkeeper,

I am a momma to two sweet babies, and gained so much knowledge with each pregnancy. With my first birth, I suffered in a hospital, unaware of my rights. My second delivery, I also opted for a hospital. With my new-found knowledge & confidence, I felt prepared. Somehow, with both deliveries, no matter how prepared I felt, I still look back and regret decisions I made, in regard to myself and my babies. It was traumatizing, and I felt robbed of my birth experience.

I want to help to create as many beautiful, and sacred, birth spaces as possible! No momma deserves to be denied her physiological way to birth! I am here to serve as an advocate to aid you in birthing your way, and carrying out the needs of yourself, and baby, by providing you with resources to make an informed decision about everything from specifics to your prenatal care, to determining which birth location suits your needs and what you expect your birth plan to be!

Birth is empowering.

It is the creation of life, and you are experiencing your body bringing life into this world, then into your arms.

It's something to be excited for, and then be proud of!

You're vulnerable, it's intimate, and I wish I had chosen an advocate to be present & support me as I delivered both of my husband & I's children.


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