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Sophie Busbee

Birthkeeper, Peer Lactation Counselor

I believe wholeheartedly in physiological birth. Your body was designed to successfully grown & bring your baby earth side! I provide resources, support & knowledge to expectant women seeking a natural birth. 

I often work with expectant families who desire

-Midwife Assisted home births

-Unassisted births/Freebirths

-Unassisted & Assisted home VBAC

-Expectant mothers/families recovering from previous birth trauma seeking a healing & redemptive birth

I take clients on from time of conception, even up until term sometimes! 


Meet Sophie

A journey into Birthkeeping, 

After 2 hospital births of my own, I found passion in serving women who are on fire for birthing in their home! I offer custom-tailored services regarding holistic fertility, prenatal education & preparation, in-person birth support as a birthkeeper, postpartum guidance, and lactation education! I love teaching women & their families about the safety of home birth, our physiological journey throughout pregnancy/birth, and the use of herbs in the childbearing years. 

I am a certified Holistic Birthkeeper & Peer Lactation Counselor, and certified in BLS/NRP


I humbly serve women across Central KY & cannot wait to meet you.