FAQs of a Birthkeeper

Do you take insurance or payment plans?

Unfortunately, I will never be covered under a provider's insurance. I am not deemed a medical necessity, and merely a support person/friend of the laboring mother.

See the "Pricing" page for more information about how much my services cost. 

Will you help deliver my baby?

One of my biggest jobs is to provide you with the information to build confidence in your body's amazing birthing capabilities. I do not replace desired medical staff, nor do I deliver babies.

You birth your own baby, I'm there to support & advocate for you!

What if I don't live close to Lexington?

Please still email me! Even if, for distance reasons, I am unable to physically attend prenatal visits or a birth, I am still taking virtual clients & have fellow birth keepers all over America I can recommend for in person support!

A virtual client can be TTC, Pregnant, Needing Post-Partum Support, or a Mother with Breastfeeding concerns.

It is cheaper to be taken on as a virtual client, as there is usually no distance being traveled, or childcare being arranged for my littles!

I am available by phone (call/text), FaceTime, Skype, or Email, for all communication with virtual clients.