My Services

Initial Consultation

Consultations can be done in-home, at a nearby coffee shop, or virtually!

*Virtual consultations may be done over text message for a fee of $20. I do not accept deposits, in these cases, until after our first in-person visit.

During this time, usually an hour or two, we will figure out our game-plan as a team together, along with the rest of your support team, to best help you! This will vary by situation, but some consultations revolve around topics such as fertility (trying to conceive), pregnancy (curating a birth plan, utilizing your doula's knowledge of the birth process and equipment she may have readily available), breastfeeding support (resources to set you up for success from Day 1 of breastfeedng, resources/help for too high/too low of a supply, latch concerns, oral ties, bonding concerns), or post-partum help (nutrition, scheduling, newborn care tips, gentle sleeping, laundry).

Prenatal Visits


Usually I visit in-home at least twice before birth.

After your initial consultation, and your deposit is paid, we will schedule our first visit! In the time before our first meeting, I encourage you to keep me updated, via text message or email, about thoughts you may have, a topic you'd like more evidence based research on, letting me know of specific comfort measures you may want to practice at our upcoming visit, or any emotional or health variations you want me to know of. I love being able to build a relationship with you before we start preparing & planning!

During our first visit, we will explore your own, and your support team's, knowledge of physiological birth, and how we can nurture this aspect of labor, and prepare to embrace bringing your baby earthside. No matter what kind of birth you are planning, understanding the design of our bodies, and that they were designed for success, can be clarifying & calming when you begin thinking of the details & decisions you can make for your birth! Alongside yourself, I'll be learning about you, and what you are looking for in your birth! Expect lots of questions from me during this visit, as well.

I call this stage "Laying Our Grounded Foundation"

With your knowledge & confidence in your body's birthing capabilities, and my understanding of how I can best serve you during your labor & birth, we're ready to start building a plan of how we can work together!

This can include diet change, resources & equipment available for you to monitor yourself if desired, herbal/homeopathic remedies & resources,listing topics to obtain resources & research about in the coming weeks, and exploring different techniques of birthing!

Birth Attendance & Support

An African American couple delivers thei

I support hospital, birth center, assisted, and unassisted homebirth!

We will discuss over a minimum of two prenatal visits what your expectaions of me, as your Doula, are. We will document your birth plan in preparation for your big day, review your pain management plan, your labor goals & expectations, so I can advocate for your wishes, with your emotional well-being remaining as first priority!

Birth Attendance Fees are very personal, and are usually discussed during the initial consultation, or sooner, depending on circumstances. It is an intimate discussion that is not "one size fits all".

My fees do not differ upon style or "preference" of birth (i.e home vs hospital birth).
Things to take into consideration before contacting me for prices:
- How far am I (or my birth location) from Lexington, KY?

- Do I plan to want more than two prenatal appointments?

- Do I plan to rent equipment through my doula?

- Do I want my doula with me during early labor?

- Do I plan to utilize a birthing tub through my doula? (doula aides in preparation/clean up of tub)

- Do I plan to learn about & utilize homeopathic tinctures that my doula has made?

- Am I planning on working with my doula to create an Esseantial Oils bundle for Pregnancy/Motherhood?

*fees/rates discussed prior to labor & signed are what you will be charged. You will not be charged depending on how long your labor lasts, or anything I offer you during labor.*

Breastfeeding Support


Latch? Engorged? Forceful Letdown? Low Supply? HELP!

An initial breastfeeding consultation is usually included in a birth package, unless otherwise discussed. But some other issues seem to surface a few weeks after birth! In these cases, I offer separate breastfeeding visits to aid in your confidence when nursing, to share knowledge regarding your concerns, and support you through one of the toughest times in your life!

Postpartum Support

Morher and Baby

Laundry? Meal Prep? Yoga? Baby Blues? You name it...

I am available the following weeks after delivery by phone/email (discussed further during prenatal visits), and even longer depending on the circumstances (cesarean, tie revision, needing extra help, or just a shower.)