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A la Carte / Add Ons

Prenatal: $200

Plan/discuss physiological birth, natural comfort measures, provider options.

Document your birth plan.

Practice Rebozo technique.

Other services requested (i.e tinctures, equipment rental, books lended, and other resources shared virtually).

Virtual Lactation: $50

A conversation via email, text message, or Facebook Messenger (via Grouned Birthkeeping) to talk about your nursing concerns. Sometimes we get the feeling that something "may not be right", and together, we can figure it out!

(supply concerns, pumping, latch issues, oral ties).

Postnatal: $200

Debrief and discuss your birth experience, talk about how you think your body & baby are doing.

Evaluate breastfeeding expectations & journey, and how you & your baby can get there together!

Last-minute/unexpected resources you may need!